Be Yourself

Always be yourself because no one else can. You are unique and unrepeatable, so doing what fits you is your purpose.

Who Am I

I help individuals find what success looks like to them. It took a long time for me to get to this point in my life. For almost 20 years, I thought my calling was to be a pastor. I went to school, and I took jobs that all pointed in that direction. I had people in my life telling me that was what I was supposed to be doing. What I realized when I was pastoring, what I really like to do is public speaking and working one-on-one with people who want to grow. 

Discovering what I really love to do helped me to bring passion to it. When we don’t know what we love to do, we can end up taking a lot of wrong turns. If you’ve ever heard me tell my story, I’ve had 33 jobs before I found what it really was I love to do. When you know your purpose, when you’re doing what you love, when it’s coming from within and you’re not just showing up to get a paycheck, everything seems to fit into place. 

Today, my purpose is to help people redefine success and recapture their life through coaching, writing, and speaking. Everything I do is based on helping people find success for themselves. That’s what I want for everyone. For them to see success through their eyes and to live the life on purpose for whatever success means to them.

Be Yourself At Work

I will not tell you is that this is an overnight process. Like anything else, just starting will reveal more to you about what your purpose is. The more things you do that you believe are what your purpose is, the narrower your purpose will become. You can only see what your true calling is when you finally begin.

There are things I am good at. I am highly capable of doing technical work. I spent four years in the Navy and reached one of the highest shipboard qualifications that can be attained. But, I knew the whole time that wasn’t something I wanted to do. There are jobs and careers that each of us are not cut out for. And that’s okay. Some of us are not cut out for office jobs and we do them every day when our genuine joy would come from welding, electrical work, building a house or working on a car. 

I’m also not saying that we can’t learn to do a job and do it well. There are people who are in technical jobs that have no technical ability, ‌but they’re good at what they do. I know people who are pastors who should not be allowed to speak in front of people, but they’re successful at what they do. Just forcing ourselves to do something doesn’t equal success. 

In the end, just being yourself will point you toward your passion and purpose more than trying to force yourself to be something you’re not.

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