Define Success and Recapture Your Life

Define Success On Your Terms

Life can get out of focus. You’ve read the books. You’ve listened to the motivational speakers. And still something is just not connecting. Change is hard. Life transition coaching can be your answer. With an unbiased coach who listens to what you are saying, asks questions you have may not have thought of, and gives you positive feedback, you will see your full potential.

Let me be that guide for you!

Is Coaching Right For You?

Is your ladder of success leaning against the wrong wall?

Are you approaching the second half of life?

Do you dream of finding a calling more than a career?

Do you feel burned out or need to make a change?

Many of us make decisions based on what we believe other people expect of us, not what we want in our inner-most-being. This leads to struggle and frustration and eventually stress and burnout. We don’t know what we really want, because we have forgotten our values and lost our purpose. We begin to recapture our life when we decide to draw a line in the sand and say, From this point on, I am doing life on my terms.

Steve Crenshaw

Life Transition Coach

I want to help you create a system to achieve success on your terms.

I understand what it’s like to search for meaning and purpose. Through coaching, I found the life I was looking for. By coaching others; I am giving back what was so powerful in my life.

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