About Steve

Your Success Is My Mission

My purpose is to help individuals define success on their terms and develop the habits to live that out. As a certified coach, speaker, and podcaster, I’ve spent the last six years helping people like you determine their values, discover their calling and develop habits to grow and live life on their terms.


My Approach

Coaching is about values and calling. What you value drives what you are called to do. When we decide to stop living in our head and start living in our heart we see the world as it was meant to be. Money becomes a tool not a must. Our connectioons matter more than our bank account. And, our careers are an extention of who we are.

Coaching Values

Client Focus

Coaching is a cooperative process where the main focus is helping the client grow and achieve their full potential.


The coach and the client have to be themselves in order to achieve the level of trust needed to build a relationship for success


The coach and client are equally dedicated to the client's expected outcome. Together, we work to be the best versions of ourselves.

The Highlights

  • I’ve been married to Katy for 27 years
  • We have two wonderful sons
  • 20 Years in leadership and training positions
  • Certified life coach by the Coach Training Alliance (CTA)
  • Blogger, podcaster, and speaker
  • We are Eastern Orthodox Christians part of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA)

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