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Our values drive us whether we know them or not. know our values will help us determine where we truly want to be in life.

How Do We Learn Our Core Values?

Start with a list. You Can Download One Here. If you Google a list of core values, you’ll get plenty of lists. Brene Brown’s list is at the top for me, but there are several others. You can combine them and add your own values as well. Remember, it’s about freedom for me.

Once you have the list, go through it right off the top of your head and find the top 20 things that are most appealing to you. Write them down on a separate sheet of paper so you can carry them with you. Over a day or two, you’ll read them and think about what they mean to you. Journal about them, dream about them. Get to know them like they are your friends.

A couple of questions to help if you get stuck:

  1. What values have you already been focusing on in your life
  2. Are there people you admire? What values do you admire in those people?

Then, come back to your big list. Do you need to make changes? Changes are okay because this is your list and you need to be positive about your values. Repeat this twice, but don’t make it a habit. In time, you have to get on the bike and ride with what you got.

Narrow Down To Five

Out of these 20, what five things touch you the most? Do the same thing with this list that you did with the last list. Take a couple of days. Think about the five. Come back to the 20. Look at the 5. Once you settle on the five, narrow it down to two. 

What Are Your Top Two?

By now, you may have two that really stand out. These are your core values. The two that everything else grows from. Once you have these two, fit the other 20 below them, or above them, or around them like a word cloud. However, you can visually see that all twenty of your values stem from the two fundamental values. When you do this, it locks everything in place. You’ve got the two that are your base building blocks, but from those two core values, everything else stems. 

this is how my list looks right now.

Freedom – Faith, Family, Nature, Travel, Orthodoxy, Connection, Home, Vulnerability, Recovery


Growth – Leadership, Tradition, Service, Balance, Creativity, Vision, Spirituality, Serenity

It’s your life. Learning to live by your values will help you set boundaries and grow in ways you’ve never imagined.

Get Your Core Values List Here

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