Four Misconceptions About Personal Growth

John Maxwell wrote a wonderful book called, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. In it, he gives us some misconceptions about personal growth I believe we need to pay attention to.

We Think It Is Automatic.

We believe all we have to do is show up. The evidence for this is we started out as babies and we grew into adults. Everything around us just grows. So why wouldn’t we just grow over time as we mature and age? Because, as humans, we revert to complacency. We have to be intentional about our growth or we will be right back on the couch doing nothing.

We Think Growth Comes From Knowledge.

Most of us believe that if we just read more books, if we just know more things, then we will grow. Yes, Reading and learning are part of it. But reading and learning the right things, then applying them, is how you grow. If you’re not a botanist, you don’t need to know how leaves make food for trees. You don’t need to go on Jeopardy and answer all the questions. Applying what you have learned to your life is the only real way to grow.

We Think We Have To Be Inspired To Grow.

The fact is, inspiration comes from doing, not the other way around. Start now and inspiration will come. We have to begin somewhere in order to get somewhere else. Jim Rohn said, “We don’t need inspiration, we need discipline.” Inspiration comes when we do things. Inspiration is a byproduct of growth. If you really want to become your true self, you have to start where you are.

We Think Growth Is All Uphill.

Once we get on the road to developing ourselves, we realize, like everything else, there are mountains and valleys. It’s never a straight uphill journey. There will be dips, there will be detours, there will be obstacles. What you have to do is make a commitment to keep coming back to your plan.

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