Take Responsibility

Do we really want to spend the rest of or lives listening to the bad things we say to ourselves? By developing an inner coach, we can take the critical thoughts and turn them into encouragement and learning that helps us move forward, not frown on our achievements. 

Developing your inner coach will require a combination of several things. Realization, meditation, and journaling. Since most negative thoughts are are centered in the past or the future and about things we can’t control, being present and aware of what you are thinking becomes essential. this is where realization, meditation, and journaling come in. Your mind wants you to be the best you can be and you can’t be that unless you are here now.

What To Do

Take a couple of hours or even a full day if possible and journal all the things you say to yourself. Look over it and think about what state you were in when you thought about it. Were you in fear, judgment, anger? Were you thinking about the past or the future? Now turn each one of those statements into a positive coaching question.

For me, the voice says, you’re fat. It is a voice from my past and it is a resentment. The coach asks what can you do to be healthier.

Notice my coach doesn’t ask what I can do to lose weight. That’s not a goal. My goal is to be healthier.

My next voice says you sound like a hillbilly. Why are you doing a podcast? It is a voice from my past and it is fear. My coach asks, how can you present your podcast in the most effective way? 

By turning your inner critic into an inner coach, you can stop treating yourself like a failure and start developing a language to live your passion on purpose. Then you can free up the negative energy you are stacking in front of your success and use it to propel yourself into a creative masterpiece. 

A Great Example

I have e fiend who talks about leaving his apartment every day to go to the mailbox. Halfway to the mailbox he would realize he forgot his key and say to himself, “You idiot, how stupid can you be? You left your keys again.” This went on for several months and was a byproduct of a life of negative thoughts. One day he said to himself, “You know, maybe I shouldn’t talk to myself that way.” From that day on, he began to change the way he talked to himself. He didn’t just start only saying positive things to himself. It didn’t happen overnight. But, today he is one of the most positive and loving human being I know. That is what changing the way you talk to yourself can do. It can literally change your life. 

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