Dealing With Failure

Dealing With Failure

Transcipt Welcome back. This week we’re going to talk about dealing with failure and how our mind perceives it. Most people either don’t believe they will have a failure in their life, or deny that they could fail at something they are trying to accomplish. Failure is commonplace. Let’s be honest about it. Failure happens […]

Letting Go of The Outcome

Most goals that we set, the desired outcome, isn’t the outcome we put on paper. The desired outcome is happiness. One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to work daily toward the goal and not worry about the outcome. Thanks for listening. If you like what you hear, please remember to subscribe […]

The Invisible Fences In Our Lives

What is holding you back? Invisible fences are things that stop us from developing the life we want to live. In this episode we explore several ways to overcome these blocks. About ten years ago, we had the opportunity to live on some property with three other families. One of the other families was having […]

Do Hard Things That Matter EP12

Do Hard Things That Matter

Thanks for listening, if you like what you hear and want to stay up to date with all the happenings at Recapture Your Life, you can sign-up on the website at https://RecaptureYour.Life If you’ve ever thought about coaching, we are accepting new clients and offering complimentary coaching sessions. No pressure and no selling, just a […]

Learning To Believe In Yourself EP10

Believe In Yourself

Episode Transcript If you don’t believe in yourself and the ability you have, you’re not alone. They paid me to be a public speaker, and I didn’t like the sound of my voice, so I shied away from speaking. I didn’t believe that I had the ability to write and develop ideas, so I didn’t […]

Three Things You Can Take Responsibility For EP08

Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility isn’t easy. We all have things in our past and in our lives that we want to point to and say, “well look at this, if you had this you would be this way.” “If you were born into the family I was born in, or if you had this tragedy in your […]

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Always be yourself because no one else can. You are unique and unrepeatable, so doing what fits you is your purpose. Who Am I I help individuals find what success looks like to them. It took a long time for me to get to this point in my life. For almost 20 years, I thought […]

Defining Your Purpose EP07


When you are able to listen to your inner voice, Grab a sheet of paper or a notebook and start asking yourself some questions. Do I like what I’m doing now? If you like what you’re doing now, then what can you do to make what you’re doing now better for you? If you don’t […]

Develop An Inner Coach

Take Responsibility Do we really want to spend the rest of or lives listening to the bad things we say to ourselves? By developing an inner coach, we can take the critical thoughts and turn them into encouragement and learning that helps us move forward, not frown on our achievements.  Developing your inner coach will […]

We Can Own Our Thought Life

Thought Life

Humans have studied our thought life for thousands of years. Buddhists call our every talking mind the monkey’s mind. The desert monks called it logismoi, which is our thoughts or imagination. Today we call it our stream of consciousness or our thought life. The most recent studies from Queens University in Ontario says that we […]